EMAS Laboratory

EMAS Energy Cement Testing Laboratory

 EMAS Energy currently has a lab setup in Sattahip, Chonburi Thailand. This lab is capable of conducted more than 700 cement slurry tests per year, and is easily upgradable to be able to handle additional tests capacity.
Cement Testing

  • Slurry preparation (API method)
  • Thickening time (API method)
  • Fluid loss (API method)
  • Rheology (API method)
  • Advanced Rheology (Non-API test)
  • Free water (API method)
  • Compressive strength (API non-destructive & destructive method)
  • Testing of cement slurries is performed in accordance with ISO 10426-2 (API Recommended)
  • Practice 10B (RP 10B) for Testing Well Cements, unless other customer specific procedures are specified

Acid stimulation Testing

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Emulsion Break Testing
  • Preliminary Scale Identification Testing
  • Additive Solubility/ Dispersibility Test
  • Miscellaneous in accordance with the client requires