Multi Services

We has been well known of our pumping services capability from normal pumping operations to complicated pumping task e.g. well stimulation that customizes client’s specific requirements and various type of jobs performed over the years. Below examples of our services history ensure your confidence in choosing EEST as your pumping partner.

Pumping Service

Pumping Service - EMAS Energy

  • Well injectivity test
  • Fill up well
  • Water disposal
  • Water flooding
  • Lock open TRSV support
  • Annulus testing
  • PIG launcher support
  • Pipeline leak test
  • Slug job

  • N2 services
  • Hydro frac test
  • Cementing
  • Pumping truck support
  • ACID stimulation
  • Chemical injectivity
  • Chemical supply 
  • Chemical injectivity for well treatment
  • Equipment rental and supply 


Pumping Vessel


EMAS Energy provide pumping vessel service.

Vacuum pump for tank cleaning

Vacuum pump for tank cleaning - Multi Services | EMAS Energy

AIRBLAST vacuum recovery system is designed to recover spent dry recyclable abrasives from a blasting area into a silo for subsequent return to the blast cleaning equipment or, in the case of expendable abrasives, for disposal into a waste hopper. After depositing the abrasive into the silo, the vacuum flow containing air and dust continues on the suction unit, where the dust particles in this stream are removed by high performance filter cartridges prior to exhausting air to atmosphere.   

This will be mainly used for cleaning bulk tank in the boat (e.g. cleaning dead volume of cement in the storage tank)


  • The VRS is of rigid construction, sturdy maintenance access doors, filter section fitted with safety relief valve, automatic sequenced reverse pulse-jet filter cleaning system, motor driven powerful vacuum pump complete with exhaust silencer. This unit is also fitted with an electric control panel 
  • The VRS is designed to meet present and proposed environmental. Dust emission max. 50 mg/m3. 
  • The capacity to vacuum clean any residual dust and abrasive particles from the blast cleaned surfaces to meet the high specifications laid down in National and International Standards of Surface preparation.

Continuous Mixing Unit / CMU

CMU - Multi Services | EMAS Energy

The CMU mixing system is EMAS’ latest offering in recirculating mixer technology. Its robust design provides a combination of capabilities that deliver desirable cement-slurry properties, make accurate mixing possible over a broad range of operating conditions, and help to ensure trouble-free operations on even the largest jobs.   

A bulk cement delivery sleeve directs the cement powder to the point where high velocity water jets combine with high slurry recirculation rates to provide excellent wetting efficiency at the point of initial water cement contact. Further mixing and averaging occurs in the two-compartment mixing tank, which supplies homogeneous de-aerated slurry of the correct density to the downhole pumps.


  • Operates over a wide range of mixing rates 
  • Accurately mixes tank capacity 10 bbl cement tub 
  • Easily mixes complex lightweight and heavyweight slurries 
  • Provides reduced dust operation 
  • Holds lead and tail slurries to the desired density 
  • Is well-suited for either pneumatic or gravity-fed bulk cement

Nitrogen Pumping

Nitrogen Pumping - Multi Services | EMAS Energy

The 180K LN2 nitrogen pumping skid is a self-contained unit capable of pumping and vaporizing 180,000 SCFH at 70°F and pressures up to 10,000 psi when supplied with LN2 from a suitable tank. The primary components are a diesel engine which drives four Denison hydraulic pumps via a Funk 4 pad splitter/gearbox, 2 x hydraulic driven triplex pumps, LN2 engine coolant vaporizer/heat exchanger and a certified steel lifting frame/skid which houses these components.


  • Approved by recognized certifying authority 
  • Approved for use in Zone II areas 
  • Water cooled turbo 
  • Inlet flame trap 
  • Exhaust flame trap 
  • Engine water over temperature shutdown 
  • High exhaust temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns 
  • Engine overspeed shutdown 
  • GN2 overpressure shutdown 
  • Emergency kill 
  • Shutdown connection for overpressure skid 
  • Gas Detection