Pipeline Pre-commissioning

Pipeline Pre-commissioning | EMAS Energy

Starting with the filling and gauging, EMAS Energy prevent debris from entering the line using the correct filtration. If you intend to leave water in the pipeline for several months, we have the proprietary chemicals to control corrosion and protect your asset. We can validate the line integrity by hydrotesting to a variety of pipeline codes, allowing you to meet your regulatory obligations.   

We can clean the pipeline using mechanical, chemical, or gel technology, depending on the specification, which will further mitigate against long-term corrosion.

Pipeline External Inspection

Pipeline Pre-commissioning | EMAS Energy

Subsea pipeline external inspection services

The objectives of the services are to survey and inspect the pipeline, its components and surroundings in order to determine conditions and anomalies of the pipeline and its vicinity, and to determine cathodic protection levels and anode depletion levels.   

EMAS Energy can provide accurate and precise surface and subsea equipment to support Subsea pipeline external inspection services such as IMO Class 2 dynamically positioned vessel (DP2 vessel), Powerful work class ROV, High performance Survey Systems include experienced project team.  

Pipeline Freespan Correction

Pipeline Pre-commissioning | EMAS Energy

Subsea pipeline freespan correction services

Free spans on subsea pipelines are spans of the pipeline unsupported by the seabed and pipelines with long free spans are subject to increased fatigue loads and reduced pipeline integrity. EMAS Energy provides a turnkey service for freespan correction and rectification works. We offer a complete design, fabrication and installation service for offshore grouting.  

Our products can be used to support, stabilize and protect pipelines, cables and subsea structures. Our services include the design and specification of fabric-formworks, performance analysis and offering best-cost options.

One method for correcting free spans is to install grout bags in the free span to support the pipeline. Grout bags are fabric formworks, which are positioned on the underside of the pipeline and then filled with a cement-based grout from a mixing and pumping unit situated on a support vessel. Once the bag is full, the flexible tether line is cut, activating the self-sealing valve on the grout bag inlet.

Pipeline Degassing and Flaring

Pipeline Pre-commissioning | EMAS Energy

Subsea pipeline degassing & flaring services

The objectives of the service are to isolate, degassing and flaring for subsea gas pipeline. We offer a complete set of equipment and service to support offshore operation such as DP2 Flaring vessel, DP2 Diving support vessel etc.

Nitrogen-related services

Nitrogen-related services - PPS | EMAS Energy

EMAS Energy provides nitrogen services for both onshore and offshore to the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the energy market. As a non-reactive and nonflammable gas, nitrogen allows us to safely purge dangerous, explosive vapors and corrosive elements from surface production, processing equipment and displacing wells.  

Our heat recovery liquid nitrogen pump and technicians are capable to deliver high-pressure and high-purity nitrogen gas and this could be applied in oil and gas production, LNG, refining, petrochemical, power generation, and pipelines in many way, such as; 


  • Nitrogen Purging and packing.
  • Nitrogen/Helium leak detection.
  • Pig propelling for pipeline and process piping system.    

Bolting and Flange Management

Bolting and Flange Management - PPS | EMAS Energy

A bolted joint is one of many critical components of a pressurised system. Dependent upon the contents and pressure of the system, leakage or failure of a bolted joint can have potentially catastrophic consequences.   

To meet this challenge, every operator of pressurised systems should have in place a system to positively and actively manage the integrity of bolted joints.      


  • Full set of bolt tensioning equipment
  • Flange management software
  • Pneumatic over hydraulics
  • Portable system
  • Multi-head system


Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services - PPS | EMAS Energy

Industrial cleaning services require more effective cleaning materials and cleaning methods in order to remove tough dirt and grease typically associated with industrial manufacturing processes.   

The machinery and materials used in an industrial facility are also usually far larger and more robust than equipment  found in a normal commercial environment. For this reason, industrial cleaning services need to use tougher detergents  and cleaning tools in order to keep them clean.    

EMAS Energy is a contractor providing effective equipment and project team to deliver both mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning services including waste management services.