Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Tubular Running Services (TRS) | EMAS Energy

EMAS Energy TRS Services began operations in 2010 providing tubular running service, sub-assembly making up and pressure test services and tubular handling tool rental to the major oil firms.

EMAS Energy exclusively uses certified, best-in-class equipment in all operations and has an excellent safety record running 1,370,000 man-hours incident free, without Lost Time Incident (LTI). 

  • Onshore Bucking services
  • Torque bench and Ram Press
  • Torque Turn Computer Recording
  • Drill Pipe Cleaning Machine

  • Casing and Tubing Power Tongs 
  • Hydraulic & Electric Power Units
  • Completion Rental Tools
  • Pickup & Laydown technology

  • Drill Pipe Power Tongs
  • Dual Completion Handling Equipment
  • Torque Monitoring
  • Remotely Operated Tong Cart

  • Tong Positioning Arm
  • Casing Stabbing Arm
  • Wide range of conventional handling equipment for all sizes

Onshore Bucking services

Onshore Bucking services - TRS | EMAS Energy

General Capabilities

  • Computerized Torque Analysis Recording
  • Gripping capabilities: 2 7/8” – 13 3/8”
  • Torque capabilities: 1000ft/lbs > 120,000 ft/lbs

Connection Capabilities

  • Drillpipe (IF, XTM, NC, Wedge threads)
  • API Connections (BTC, EUE, NUE)
  • Premium connections (Gas tight metal to metal sealing faced connections etc.)

Our Advantages

  • Experienced and Dedicated assembly service technicians
  • Mobile capabilities for large quantity orders
  • Ability to set up within your designated pipe yard & completed on work-site
  • Test Pit for complete pressure testing in the safest environment
  • 10,000 psi rated
  • Computer-recorded test
  • CCTV monitor 
  • Treated anti-inhibitor water

Tubing/ Casing Bucking Unit

Tubing/ Casing Bucking Unit - TRS | EMAS Energy

  • 8 5/8” > 2 3/8” Tong capacity (for Tubing handling)
  • 7” > 20” Tong capacity (for Casing handling)
  • Max torque of 40,000 ft/lbs
  • Floating tong with free moving back-up to reduce any friction load on connections
  • Top loading of assemblies
  • Mechanical & Digital torque reading to ensure accurate torque is applied to connections
  • Mobile capability for large quantity orders to reduce client’s freight charges

Torque bench and Ram Press

Torque bench and Ram Press - TRS | EMAS Energy

  • Bespoke torque bench design handles all rotary shoulder connections for make-up and break-out
  • Designed to eliminate manual equipment handling
  • 45ft bench for roller handles the longest, most problematic assemblies
  • Located in a covered workshop with (two) 5-tons overhead cranes

Torque Turn Computer Recording

Torque Turn Computer Recording - TRS | EMAS Energy

  • Smallest torque turn system on the market
  • Premium & API Graphical analysis reports
  • Record Make-up or Break-out graphs
  • In-built conversion which is able to convert graphs to PDF on location 
  • Multiple torque reading capability:

                Torque VS Turn

                Torque VS Time

                Torque VS Turn VS Time 

Drill Pipe Cleaning Machine

Drillpipe Cleaning Machine - EMAS Energy

For environments that noise and dust control are required or desired, Knight Manufacturing’s PCM is an excellent choice. The standard dual brush housing cleans most pipe in one pass, increasing productivity, which results in a more productive and safer work environment 

Safety Features

  • Mechanically active components are painted a high visibility yellow 
  • Low oil level indicator protects machinery in the case of a hydraulic    line rupture and limits environmental impact.
  • Low voltage operator interface (24vdc)
  • Equipment safety labels.  

Standard Features

  • Dual wire brush for outside diameter cleaning
  • Average cleaning and coating capacity of 30-40 joints per hour (for 3 ½” pipe S-135) 
  • Lance for inside diameter cleaning
  • Dual hydraulic power supply (for Conveyor motors and auxiliary equipment & Wire brushes) 
  • Range 2 pipe
  • Left or right hand pipe loading configuration

Optional Features

  • Outside diameter descaler
  • Grip enhancer
  • Range 3
  • Accommodates pipe lengths up to 46’
  • 24’ added to overall length of machine